The kids have gone back to school - hallelujah

Today H, H and J all returned back to school and as much as I loved the Christmas holidays, 2.5 weeks is a long time to be off when the weather isn't great and we are all more than ready to get back into the routine.

The kids have gone back to school - hallelujah

When Steve is working day shift, he gets up with Harry at 7:15ish and they have their breakfast and leave the house before the rest of us even get up. I tend to wake with Steve and then faff around in bed for 30 minutes on my phone checking that my blog post for that day has been published and sharing it across Social Media. I also love to read my favourite blogs on Bloglovin first thing.

We then drag ourselves out of bed at 7:50am which is pretty late really. Heidi and Jack are old enough to get themselves dressed and make their own breakfast without any intervention from me so I just leave them to it. We have 40 minutes to get up, washed, dressed and fed and it works like a well-oiled machine.

At 8:30am we leave the house and walk to school (Heidi cycles). It used to take us double this length of time but we walk at a faster pace now and can walk the mile and a half journey in around 20 minutes now. I have grown to love the walk to school now and as I have to return and walk back, a good 45 minute walk every morning does me the world of good and really helps to clear my thoughts and head.

I cracked on with a fair bit of work today and scheduled a couple of blog posts and I even had a proper lunch which is something I normally skip (vegetable salad, snack-a-jacks and a bag of mini fingers if you were wondering). On my walk back to school I was thinking about a couple of healthy changes we've made this year:

1 - I turned my phone off at 9pm last night and left it off in the morning. All too often we'll be watching Netflix in bed and I decide to scroll instead and forget what's going on. It also makes my mind go into overdrive and over Christmas I've been thinking about random things, then falling down a big google hole and before I know it, it was 3am. Staying awake until 3am and not getting up until 9am was not doing me any favours and turning my phone off at 9pm really helped. I went straight to sleep at 10pm and slept all night. I can't remember the last time I went to sleep that early or for that long! I'll be trying the same tonight.

2 - We've also been trying to make healthier choices with our food after eating far too many treats over Christmas (which I'm not going to punish myself for - I'm very much in the life in for living camp). We've been eating salads every night and I've bought a Brita Water Filter in the sale and have been drinking 6 glasses per day. I really hope it lasts (history tells me it won't) but I'm enjoying it while it does.

We were going to head to St Vincents on the Quayside for lunch tomorrow but after looking at their menu online, there is far too much temptation and I know I'd be ordering the mac n cheese with autumn truffle with a side of cheese which doesn't fit in with our healthy January. I feel like I'm in the zone with healthier eating right now and you've got to ride it out for as long as you can when you're in it. So after I asked over on Instagram for healthier alternatives, I decided to go with The Oats & Eggs Pantry on Chillingham Road. They serve up healthy all-day breakfasts with protein pancakes you get a syringe with to inject with flavour. Steve thinks it all sounds a bit gimmicky but I'm up for it! I'll report back. Then I'm going to pop into the Naked Deli and buy some healthy treats and snacks for the rest of the week. Who have I become?? Steve and I haven't had any time alone for over a month now so I am SO looking forward to our little brunch date tomorrow.

I'm off to watch Million Pound Menu now - one of my favourite TV shows. Basically, if you've ever dreamed of opening a restaurant, this is the show for you as it gives real life people the chance to try it and possibly win an investment.

Let me know what you think of this kind of post - it has taken me 10 minutes to write but I just had the urge to get a few things off my chest and share normal day-to-day life with you all.


  1. I totally love these posts! pancakes with a syringe?? i'm intrigued about that one!

  2. It's so hard getting back into a routine after the holidays, you are doing really well. I'm normally up with the larks but am struggling this week, I could sleep for a solid week. Enjoy your day with Steve, that breakfast sounds amazing.

  3. I absolutely love chatty posts like this! That programme sounds brilliant, definitely going to find that. I hope you have a lovely brunch date - never heard of that cafe so look forward to hearing how you find it! I went to St Vincent for my birthday in November and it was really good but expensive for what it is and you’re right - basically no healthy option. I’d only go if I wanted to indulge in lots of wine and cheese but I’m like you, taking a break from that kind of diet at the moment. Naked deli treats are good to have in, we have far too many chocolate and sweets left in the cupboard from Christmas!

    1. Yes I know if we'd visited St Vincents I would have consumed my body weight in cheese! lol


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