Social Media & Blog Post Content Ideas | February 2017

Whether you're a blogger or a small business owner, it's always a good idea to plan ahead. I like to plan key blog posts 6-8 weeks in advance and this list of key events in February is a fantastic base for planning your social media.

Social Media & Blog Post Content Ideas | February 2017 by

I advise sitting down for 30 minutes and slotting in some social media activity around these events. You can plan weeks in advance and then you're done.

It's a nice way to get creative too. Do you rely on local customers/readers? You could ask your Facebook followers where serves the best Yorkshire Puddings as part of Yorkshire Pudding Day or how about asking for book recommendations or recommending a book around your business on National Libraries Day?

Content Ideas for February 2017

1 Feb - Dignity Action Day

2 Feb - World Wetlands Day

3 Feb - NSPCC Number Day

4 Feb - World Cancer Day

5 Feb - British Yorkshire Pudding Day

6 Feb - National Libraries Day

7 Feb - Safer Internet Day

14 Feb - Valentine's Day

17 Feb - Random Act of Kindness Day

27 Feb - 12 March - Fairtrade Fortnight

28 Feb - Shrove Tuesday

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Social Media & Blog Post Content Ideas | February 2017 by


  1. Thanks Samantha - this is so helpful. I'm pretty good at scheduling and suggesting posts for clients, but really need to look further ahead for my own plans.

  2. This is really helpful! I'm definitely going to do this. Valentines crafts/baking, pancake recipies, 100 ways to show kindness - 3 posts already from this! Thanks Sam :) xxx

  3. Amazing! This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing


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