Monday, 2 September 2019

September - the perfect time for fresh starts

I know I'm not alone in feeling that September feels like a perfect time for fresh starts. My friend Linsday tweeted my exact thoughts yesterday. I don't know if it's the changing of the seasons, the kids going back to school, the switch from a spring/summer to autumn/winter wardrobe or what but September is definitely a time when I take stock of life and make plans for the future. I'm going to have a little brain dump about September and new beginnings in this post.

Meal Planning

Over the summer we have really let our meal planning and shopping local slide. It's tough when you're so busy and have kids with you all of the time. I've opted for convenience options on too many occasions so this month, I'm back to meal planning and shopping local. No excuses allowed!

Home Improvement Over Travel 

I spend all of our spare cash on travel. It's tough for me not to as it's my passion, I want to show the kids the world AND it's kind of entwined with my work too. Steve would much rather spend money on home improvements but I always think they can wait. Anyway, marriage is all about compromise so after a busy summer with lots of travel, I'm happy to prioritise a few jobs around the house over the next few months instead of searching for deals on Skyscanner. We've already bought the kids some new Silent Night mattresses which they were definitely in need of and will be buying Heidi a new bed and hopefully giving our living room a bit of a spruce up too. Let's hope my wanderlust doesn't take over and can be kept at bay!

This Blog 

I've been unhappy with the layout of this blog for a while. I really want to redesign it AND start posting more regularly/try and grow its readership. However, Sept-Nov is also my busiest time of year so I'm unsure if I'll find the time. We'll see.......

I've re-published my Facebook page for this page today after a year in hiding. If you want to keep up to date with what I'm up to - you can follow on Facebook here. 

Me Time 

After 4 years of self-employment, I'm beginning to realise the benefit of investing in yourself. I took part in a guided meditation class last month as part of a job as I was shooting a video for and was really surprised at how much I loved it. I'm going to try and find something along these lines I can do just for me every week - let me know if you have any suggestions.

I'd love to hear if you treat September as a time for a fresh start. Have you made any resolutions? 


  1. I always feel the same in September too. Time to sit down and take stock and plan x

  2. Thanks for the mention, I totally think September is more of a fresh start that January when its cold and miserable and I have an empty bank account. So far this month I have set up a new blog, started a open university course to complete my degree at long last and planned some home improvements. Good luck with your plans x


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