Monday, 21 January 2019

Weekend Vibes | The Staircase, A Day in Newcastle & Chilled Sunday

I love sharing everyday life on my blogs - these are my favourite kinds of posts to look back on and it's nice to remember how we spent an average weekend. This weekend was a good one as Steve was off work and I feel like it had the perfect combination of fun and relaxation. 

Weekend Vibes | The Staircase, A Day in Newcastle & Chilled Sunday


I wasn't feeling too great on Friday, I've written about my problems before (see here) and experience has told me that I need to take it slow on day one so that's exactly what I did. I wasn't feeling great and solo-parenting until Steve got in from work at 8:30pm so I decided to order us takeaway as I just couldn't be bothered to cook. That awful thing happened where you go to your favourite place and it just isn't as nice. I'm gutted when this happens. Why can takeaways not be consistent? What a waste.

My skin hasn't been in the best of condition recently. I use Elemis products and when I use them, my skin feels so lovely but I go through phases of just not using them at all and my skin falls back to it's dry, dull self so I treated myself to a nice bath with Elemis bath oil, used my favourite Elemis cleansing balm then applied a double layer of my favourite night cream and eye cream then body moisturiser. I hope this is the start of me getting back into a routine. I'm thinking of booking a facial soon to give my skin a January boost.

Friday night TV just isn't great at the moment. We watch Jamie's show on C4 and then nothing else tickles our fancy. I used to watch 8 out of 10 cats does countdown but the way Rachel Riley has been going on on Twitter recently has just put us off completely and I can't imagine I'd enjoy watching the show now. Gutted! So we decided to finish watching 'You' on Netflix. So many people raved about this show and I just found it ok if I'm honest. It was watchable but definitely no BirdBox! I think it's because I didn't really warm to Beck and didn't really care what happened to her. The last two episodes were good though but it was weird that I found myself rooting for Joe.


On Saturday we had a bit of a lie in  - much needed after a week of early mornings and then I was working with intu Eldon Square to promote their facilities for families. I agreed to work with them as I'd never set foot in Eldon Leisure before and I think lots of people forget there is a bowling alley, soft play and climbing wall in there. We had a great day and hopefully reminded other families that there's more the Eldon Square than shopping and restaurants - I'd 100% recommend the kids parties at LUSH Newcastle. We had so much fun! You can find out more about what we got up to and various discounts available to families over on my Facebook page here. 

Steve and the kids left me after a feast of a dinner at Reds True BBQ and I had an hour or so to browse the shops/stop for coffee before I met my brother. We had a sibling date to watch An Evening with David Rudolf from The Staircase at Tyne Theatre and Opera House. If you haven't watched this Netflix classic, I suggest you do ASAP. The documentary follows the story of Michael Peterson's trial after his wife was found dead at the bottom of their staircase and it is really is compulsive viewing. The American judicial system is crackers!! I think The Staircase is even better than Making A Murderer. My bro is also a fan so I bought him a pair of tickets for Christmas and insisted on being his +1.

The evening with David was fascinating. It was facilitated by Carole McCartney who is a Professor of Law/Criminal Justice here in Newcastle. David took questions from the audience, shared clips and behind the scenes info that wasn't shared on the documentary and ended with a presentation around The Owl Theory and how although it's not concrete evidence, it does put together a compelling case and is enough to prove reasonable doubt. David was gracious, honest and had a fantastic rapport with the audience. I could honestly listen to him for hours! He also took the time to share some of the differences between the UK and British Judicial systems including how Jury selection works.

David was obviously chuffed to be here in Newcastle as took a theatre selfie, stayed behind after the show to take photos and chat with guests in the bar and he even went along to his first Premier League match at St James' Park (and we won) before the show. What a guy!

At the end of the evening, Carole shared how Criminal Injustice is a huge problem here in the UK too and there's a real lack of defence lawyers able to take on these cases. She recommended we all read The Secret Barrister for more of an insight into the UK's problems so I've added it to my GoodReads list (follow me on GoodReads here).


I didn't really have any plans for Sunday and decided to just see where the day took us. I knew we had a full-on day on Saturday and my kids hate it if I book two busy days in a row - they love their days out but they equally adore their chilled days at home to watch movies, play with their toys, catch up with their reading and of course, play on their games consoles. Harry is in the process of creating an Artificial Intelligence programme at the moment so wanted to work on that - he blows my mind sometimes! I wouldn't have a clue where to start with something like this.

We ended up heading to my brother's restaurant Evan's Bistro for Sunday lunch as we couldn't be bothered to cook and he makes the best mashed potato ever. Then it was home for an evening in front of the TV.

Did you have a good weekend? Have you watched The Staircase yet?  

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  1. I did start watching the staircase but didn't persevere, I might give it another go as it sounds interesting. We do the same at the weekends, if we are having one busy day we try and balance it out with one at home too, the kids don't cope well with a full on weekend after a week at school x


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