Monday, 28 January 2019

Pay day is finally here

OMG how long is January? I really feel like this year, it's been longer than ever. I've been counting down the days and hours to Steve's payday and was delighted when Friday eventually arrived.

Pay day is finally here

Steve had the day off on Friday. He'd originally booked a holiday as ages ago we were thinking about going to Center Parcs. That plan never happened but he decided to keep the holiday anyway and we headed into town for the day. Our first treat of the day was to see the Exposed exhibition at Laing which you can read about here and then we hot-footed it over to The Muddler for lunch during restaurant week.

I have mixed thoughts on The Muddler. The decor is gorgeous - very Gatsby-esque and the staff were lovely and friendly too. I thought they might be a little pretentious but that was absolutely not the case.

However, we were the only people in the restaurant and our food took forever to arrive. We waited over 30 minutes for 6 small plates which over lunchtime, feels excessive to me. There was also a longer-than-I'd-have-liked wait for our bill which resulted in us standing at the bar to pay as we couldn't catch anyone's eye. I hate it when meals end like this. The food was nice enough but it was just ok. For £40 during a restaurant week bargain, it felt it was pretty expensive for what it was. The Wasabi Prawns and Dim Sum were both fantastic but everything else was forgettable. I'm pleased we visited, but with so much choice in town, I doubt we'll rush back. I think Steve is going to write a full review soon so look out for that over on .

My next payday treat was a quick trip to Superdrug where I bought a couple of Boujous lipsticks (buy one get one half price). I am forever losing my everyday lipsticks which is super annoying as my evening lipsticks are all very red which isn't exactly what I would choose to wear for the school run. Is it just me who always wonders why the queues in Superdrug seem to take forever to go down?

Before leaving town to pick up the kids, we popped to The Grainger Market to stock up on essentials. I LOVE shopping at The Grainger Market and always wish we didn't have to travel 10 miles to visit and that it was on our doorstep. As we passed the Dim Sum stall I kind of wish we'd gone there for lunch instead. We bought some meat and eggs from the friendly butchers, stocked up on veg for the weekend, bought some breadcrumbs from the weigh house, visited our favourite La Casa for some wine, chorizo and cured ham (love, love, love this place - it's so reasonable and the owners are just the best) and then Pet Lamb Pattiserie for Friday night cupcakes for the kids (and a brownie for me - I can never resist). How cheap is the Grainger Market? Every time we visit we can't believe the bargains we manage to find, especially when compared with the supermarkets.

Our final payday treat was to get the kids' haircut after school. I swear their hair is growing at such a fast rate at the moment. Everyone knows that raising kids is expensive but it's little things like haircuts which you always forget to factor in - it's around £35 to get their hairs cut now. Yikes! They look all smart again now though and hopefully it will last until after half term now.

Just like that, we're back to feeling skint again. I am so pleased that February is a short month.

Anyone else bought themselves to some January payday treats? 


  1. Is the Muddler somewhere you can pop in just for drinks? I really want to see inside but you've put me off ordering food, not a fan of paying loads of money just to have sit about waiting for ages!

  2. Sounds like a lush day pottering around! shame the muddler wasn't amazing but as you say there are plenty of other great places in newcastle! We get paid mid-month so not too bad a wait but we have been a bit frugal this month after December!

    1. Yes we really are spoilt in Newcastle - so many places to choose from.

  3. Ahh I thought the muddler was a bar when I walked past it for the first time the other day! I’m glad you’ve tried it and prob won’t bother going, I like sticking to my good old favourites that are consistently good! Melis x

  4. No they don't have a bar license you have to eat, I featured a detailed blog on it, I really liked it and agree the staff and decor are fab! x


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