Friday, 11 January 2019

My 12 year old is growing up too quickly

Since starting Secondary School (read about his first term here), it feels like the rate at which Harry is growing up has been super-charged. It feels like this stage of life is passing by so quickly, more so than any other stage and I reckon he'll be 18 and down the pub buying his first pint before we know it. It's scary!

My 12 year old is growing up too quickly

Today he made another little step towards independence and opened his first proper bank account. He has had a savings account from birth but it was getting to the stage where he needed something a little more functional for everyday life. Steve made an appointment for them both at our local Lloyds (I can't believe he had to have an actual appointment - it seems so grown up) and Harry opened his first current account. I also can't believe at age 12 they are given a contactless payment card! I'm shocked and remember I didn't get a debit card until I was at least 16 (and even then it was a rubbish Visa Electron). How times and technology changes.

Harry receives a monthly allowance from us (usually around £20) plus pocket money from his grannie and great grandad and of course birthday and Christmas money too. After a few weeks of being frivolous and wasting his £ in Poundland on the way home from school in September, he now tends to save his cash and will use it to buy things online. He has his eyes on a microphone for podcasting at the moment. I'm hoping his new bank account will make it easier for him to manage his money rather than having to faff about finding the right change to give to me or his dad and use our card when he wants to buy something online. It's also going to make it easier for us to simply transfer cash into his account every month. I never have any physical cash on me so will be setting up a standing order asap.

Today has been a lovely and quiet day. Steve has been off work and usually takes care of the household chores when he's at home so I've sat in front of my laptop for the whole day. It's been pretty productive and I've scheduled an evergreen blog post for April, updated North East Family Fun's Facebook page bio and 'Work with me' page, edited the feature photos on this blog so it has a cleaner feel when visiting the home page and slightly tweaked a post I published about the Cherry Blossom at Alnwick Garden last year so it's ready to be re-shared.

Friday night is treat night for the kids so after Harry's bank appointment, we popped to our local swimming baths. I love, love, love that the kids are old enough to go swimming without adult supervision now. I am just not a fan of swimming and I like that I can watch from the viewing gallery and stay completely dry now. The kids love the freedom of doing this too and it burns some energy before bedtime/they have some freedom to have fun and can unwind after school. Win-win I say. Parenting tweens certainly has its advantages.

I think it's the law in Cramlington that you have to visit McDonalds after swimming so of course that's where we ended up afterwards. The kids enjoyed their burgers but Steve and I are still trying to be good and had already planned a nice steak salad for dinner at home tonight (which we'll wash down with a not-so-healthy bottle of red wine).

We have a busy weekend planned and I'm really looking forward to getting out and about. I'm not planning on writing on here over the weekend but will be back on Monday night - catch up then.

- Sam x


  1. It is scary how quickly they grow up when they start secondary school. My 11 year old told me today she has a boyfriend and my first words were you better not be kissing him. lol
    My teen opened her first bank account a couple of months ago and she's loving it. It is so much easier for me. I transfer her money and she buys what she wants online. (within reason).
    hahaha! It's the law here too. McDonalds is right over the road from the swimming baths.
    Enjoy your wine x

  2. OMG Visa Electron - I remember those days, you couldn't really use them anywhere! Can't believe how different things are now!

    After a week of healthy eating I went to Fat Hippo yesterday lunchtime and had two treats last night so pretty sure I've undone all my good work in one day - oops!


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