Thursday, 22 February 2018

30 day declutter challenge

Is the clutter getting out of control in your house? Because it certainly is in ours. It is quite literally taking over! I spotted a post by fellow blogger All Round Creative Junkie who is taking part in the #40bagsin40days challenge and giving up clutter for lent. This has inspired me to give my own house a proper spring clean in March and declutter one area every day (with one day off as the 30 day challenge sounds better than the 31 day challenge).

30 day declutter challenge

So the idea is - little and often. The thought of taking on one of the kids' bedrooms in one day brings me out in a cold sweat so I've broken down the main areas we need to be decluttered into smaller areas and spread them out throughout March. I'm going to share the jobs with Steve so the burden won't all be on just me and we can complete them in any order. I'm actually really excited to get started! I'll share my challenge and how we're getting on over on my Instagram Stories every day in March so if you're interested in how we're getting on, give me a follow here. I'll hopefully write a follow up post when we're all done too. Who fancies joining me??

Areas to be decluttered 

1 - Kitchen food cupboards
2 - Kitchen crockery/appliance cupboards
3 - Conservatory cupboards
4 - Conservatory table
5 - Living room bookcase
6 - Bottom of stairs and living room basket
7 - Toy cupboard one
8 - Toy cupboard two
9 - Bathroom cabinet
10 -Ottoman
11 - Harry's drawers
12 - Jack's drawers
13  - Heidi's drawers
14 - Boys books
15 - Boys underbed toys
16 - Boys toy buckets
17 - Heidi's wardrobe
18 - Heidi's toys
19 - Sam and Steve's shelves
20 - Front garden
21 - Sam and Steve's main drawers
22 - Sam and Steve's bedside cabinets and underbed drawers
23 - Sam and Steve's top of wardrobe
24 - Sam and Steve's bottom of wardrobe
25 - Back garden
26 - Garage
27 - Fridge and freezer
28 - Desk in the conservatory
29 - Kitchen drawers
30 - Soft toys

I can't wait to get started! 

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30 day declutter challenge


  1. Ooooh good luck! I'm trying to declutter my wardrobe at the moment and am just doing tiny bits as and when I get time! We could also really do with a bathroom cabinet declutter which we're always putting off!

  2. Yes! I’m in!!! I definitely need some serious decluttering! Or else move!!!

  3. I'm in a 365 challenge at the moment, giving myself a year to get my hotel standard house back!

  4. Ahh! Good luck!
    We changed the living and dining room around yesterday and decluttered! We filled about 4 bags for the charity shop and about 4 rubbish. lol We probably should have did it over a few days but it's all done now. lol


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